Green cleaning is a specialised field that VicClean has been providing for some years. We are one of the first companies in the commercial sector and the first in the strata sector to provide this service. All our new and large developments are cleaned with this process. Our staff are trained through the Lennox Institute on the accredited GreenRclean program. In addition, supervisors and management have all completed the Management Green course.

We provide sustainable and green cleaning through:

  • Chemical free cleaning – through aqueous ozone
  • Machinery selection – Ec-H20 scrubbers / sidewinder tools for water blasters that save 70% water
  • Flat mop micro-fiber mopping systems
  • Waste and recycled management – turning waste into electricity
  • Centralised recycling stations and education programs for clients
  • Hepta filters in vacuum cleaners to improve air-quality
  • Vehicle selection for operational teams and carbon offsets
  • Transportation considerations for cleaning staff
  • Choosing certified chemicals where needed by Environmental choice Australia
  • Monitoring and reporting sustainable targets