The William, 199 William Street

The William, 199 William Street

After renovation the building is now achieving an impressive 7-star energy rating.

Formerly known as Communications House, The William has undergone a mass redevelopment. The transformation includes not only a new façade system and updated building services, but also the introduction of significant environmental initiatives such as photovoltaic cells that will generate power back into the grid and rainwater harvesting.

A contemporary skin of glass, louvred wintergarden spaces and aluminium composite panelling help create a unique environment. A standout feature is the ‘studded’ southern facade, as seen in the photo, which when illuminated during night hours will cast light via its triangular protrusions.

William Street and Little Bourke Street both hold pedestrian entry points, with Little Bourke Street connected to a remodelled Guests Lane. Guests Lane and surrounds hold 10 retail outlets. Coupled with the revamped adjoining Owen Dixon Chambers West Building, the common area between the two buildings acts as a new retail and social area.

The William from the ground up

The residential lobby fronting William Street holds a refined tone, created by the chosen colours and materials. A product of Carr Design, the area features granite paving, dark wood finishes and walls of leather surrounding the lift area, all contrasted by light ceiling finishes.

The William is topped by an open swimming pool which is also heated and boasts immaculate views of the Melbourne skyline. The rooftop area is a feature that is well used during summer and one of the few open air pools available in Melbourne’s CBD. The William @ 199 William Street is located within the heart of Melbourne’s CBD’s legal precinct, close to outstanding dining, shopping and transport options and offers extensive 24/7 security.

You can see more about The William @ 199 William Street here.