Waste management and recycling in properties and businesses can have a huge cost and impact negatively on the environmental in many ways. Our landfills are filling up fast and the cost for waste and its transportation increases significantly each year. To minimise costs for our clients and ensure a sustainable future for the planet, we have a zero waste goal.

This goal will be achieved through systems, partnerships and educating all our stakeholders.We have successfully implemented many programs to both commercial and residential applications that have had a positive impact on all concerned.

We promote the use of centralised waste and recycling systems in office buildings. This reduces the cost in cleaning dramatically and increases compliance to recycling. Introducing specialised contractors in retail areas can also assist along with many other measures. VicClean will assess each site and provide advice on best practice in the industry.

VicClean residential systems have provided many benefits for residents and in many cases achieved significant improvements in categories of recycling and also an increased recycling volume where the buildings produce more recycling then waste collected per bin.