We are proud to be an employer of choice and boast a 92% retention rate of our cleaning staff. This is a great deal higher than the cleaning industry standard of 52%. We have a rigorous interview process for all prospective cleaning staff to ensure they are honest, reliable, diligent and thorough in providing the highest level of quality cleaning. All of our cleaning staff are required to complete both practical and theoretical exams before joining the VicClean team.

Training of cleaning teams

All cleaning supervisors and senior management team have completed the below external training modules. All our people working within our green cleaning sites have also completed the Green R Clean as a minimum:

  • PRM40104 Certificate IV in Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Management)
  • CPPCMN3001A – GreenRclean – Cleaning
  • CPPCMN4002A – GreenRclean – Management


VicClean has worked closely with the Lennox Institute who are an accredited training organisation for the cleaning industry. They have developed an online induction portal that cleaning staff can complete anywhere online. This ensures that industrial standards are continually met and each employee is kept up-to-date with new technologies and current trends. At the completion and passing all the modules of the induction each of our cleaning staff member is presented with a certificate of compliance.

The modules include:

  1. Work Health & Safety in cleaning
  2. Customer Service
  3. Client confidentiality and appropriate behavior
  4. Correct methods of cleaning and using machinery
  5. Security and risk management
  6. Waste management and disposal, recycling, rubbish removal


All of our cleaning staff are provided with our corporate uniform. Strict policies are in place to ensure that staff wear their uniforms and adhere to company policy. We also ensure and monitor cleaner’s hygiene, presentation and ensure uniforms are ironed and neatly worn.